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More of what innovators are saying about the Value Proposition Matrix

"This book helps direct an entrepreneur's focus to the most elemental parts of an idea and can uncover whether an idea is worth pursuing.  It supports entrepreneurs on their quests to create, but also will help save them time, money and headaches along the way."


Carla Macklin,

Serial Entrepreneur

The VPM belongs on the innovator’s bookshelf. It proposes a compelling innovation vocabulary and redefines what it means to build a value proposition.”


Joe Keithley,

Former President, CEO, and Chairman at Keithley Instruments

"Brandon Cornuke is obsessed with customers - in a good way. Building your business to deliver value to your customers based on a deep understanding of who they are, what they need, and what they will pay for, is spot on. His case examples are specific and useful. His writing is clear and conversational - a great read for entrepreneurial business leaders, whether launching a startup or reviving a once-great company.


Jeff Sinclair,

Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company; Adjunct Professor, the University of Michigan

“Through the VPM construct, Cornuke presents a powerful tool that innovators - both entrepreneurs and in-house - can use to not only determine if an opportunity has merit, but in a manner that clarifies what activities are most critical and requisite upfront.  I recommend its application for novice and experienced innovators, alike.


Joseph Jankowski, Ph.D.,

Chief Innovation Officer, Case Western Reserve University

“A chasm exists between entrepreneurial vision and commercial realization. Bridging the two, Bandon Cornuke curates a digestible and most importantly, actionable roadmap towards value creation. Cornuke threads the sophistication and simplicity needle, informed by the accumulation of years of first-hand experience, all of which is distilled into a contemporary treatise on those critical elements that will steer entrepreneurial success. The Value Proposition Matrix is now my go-to recommendation for all aspiring start up founders.


David Sylvan,

President of University Hospitals Ventures

“I used it with the founders of startups in Tanzania and Greece. In both cases, I don't think the founders had ever really seen their company's value proposition articulated before, at least not so clearly. Their eyes lit up once they saw it all in one tiny matrix.

MBA Student

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