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The Value Proposition Matrix Book

Design a powerful value proposition using the Value Proposition Matrix   and build your business idea on a solid foundation

Four questions drive innovation success


Create a powerful Value Proposition


Identify your key guesses 


Vet your critical unknowns

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This book was developed at MAGNET, Northeast Ohio’s preeminent center for manufacturing talent, transformation, and innovation

MAGNET uses the Value Proposition Matrix to help manufacturers and entrepreneurs sharpen their strategies, build innovation systems, and develop new products


From the Author

I'm thrilled to share the Value Proposition Matrix with you. This book is a toolset for any early-stage innovator who wants to sharpen their value proposition and focus their efforts wisely. I've dedicated my career to helping innovators do just that, whether as a speaker, writer, educator, entrepreneur, or consultant. This simple innovation methodology has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and students, and inspired some of the most respected organizations in the world, including Fortune 500 companies, major hospital systems, world-class cultural institutions, top universities, and professional sports teams. It's an honor to be able to help innovators thrive; hopefully this book inspires you on your innovation journey.

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What innovators are saying about the Value Proposition Matrix


"[The VPM] supports entrepreneurs on their quests to create, but also will help save them time, money and headaches along the way."


Carla Macklin,

Serial Entrepreneur


This work is supported by the following organizations

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The concepts in the Value Proposition Matrix are taught at Case Western Reserve University, including at the Weatherhead School of Management, the School of Engineering, and through the Fowler Center, in collaboration with the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship


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